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The unique melt-blown synthetic media used in the manufacture of the pocket filters provides exceptional capture of particles as small as 0.3 micron.


Used in supply, exhaust and re-circulating air-filtration where high quality air and long service life is required.  The filters are used as:

• Pre or Main filters in Ventilation Systems,
• Central Offices & Package Units,
• Food & Beverage Industry, Mining,
• Hospitals & Pharmaceutical,
• Electrical & Engineering Works & Power Generators, etc.


Maximum temperature: 80 °C (continuous operation)
Maximum relative humidity: 100%
Recommended final pressure drop: 250 Pa


• The average efficiency shall be as determined by the ASHRAE Standard 52.1 and 52.2 test methods.
• Media provides a high dust holding capacity and long service life.
• The media incorporates a uniform high loft to provide a lower resistance to airflow.
• Available with different efficiencies and in different sizes to meet individual requirements.
• Synthetic Pocket filters are made of ultra-fine synthetic media specifically designed for each efficiency range.
• Continuous filament fibres virtually eliminate fibre shedding and shearing under high loading
• The lightweight scrim media backing ensures protection of the media and prevents media erosion.
• Reduction of energy costs due to low initial differential pressure
• Filters should be installed with pockets in the vertical wherever possible.



Multi-layer thermo-welded synthetic fibre with progressive density equipped with external high-resistance film.